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 abit of my life on face book one word starts a fight?

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are fight fun for you
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PostSubject: abit of my life on face book one word starts a fight?   Tue Sep 21, 2010 6:21 am

lm bord so here is something that happened on facebook funny as lost of swearing l didn't swear the person who l hate cuz did

Me: l wont to see it

Pat cuz: I so wanna see that...!!! Lol! I'm wif pat, :b

Me: l don't like Patrick

Pat cuz: He's my cousin. Why dont you like him?

Me: because he a kid who l don't like and he made a lie to the principal that l beated him up and on that day l was sick and l nearly got suspended fro 2 days he also ripped of one of my friends little brother it took 5 ish or 2 weeks to get the money back patricks mum was happy to pay but patrick wasn't and l think theres more but l can't remember all of them he all so called me names after l ask if he got rid of a picture ( he made a fake message saying one of my friends where gay) no one even liked him, not that much people now him l bet patricks looking at what l have and you have wrote and he's cousins asking is this true

Pat cuz: Ah, well not saying that i dont believe you but, me and pat are tight as and he doesn't seem like the kinda person to do something like that.

Me: l have tones of people to back me up on this story he's nice to you Tegan because your his cuz

Pats cuz: Oi shut the **** up slut!! Back off him or watch ya fucking back got it !?! I believe me cousin over any of you fucks!! Oh and zac, cunt you leave pat alone! If i have him tell me that ANYONE has given him anymore Shit i will walk outa school, jump on a train and i'll be there within an hour!! So use better go back and tell all ya little maggot friends to shut there fucking mouths or they are some serious dickheads, cuz i'm not joking when i say this to ya,! I have a big reputation where i live, and no one will ever **** with my family!! Kaythanksbye. Dont you fucking take a chill. You were the one who started commenting, you were the one who got involved, you first said about a petition. So shut ya mouth yeah?? GOODBYE!

Me: l have my back covered and my friends have it two, plus lm only going to fight
back if he says something to me like a swear word, laughs at me or my friends and put the finger at me you might wonna take his back and he all ways starts it l was going to punch him in the face once but the window was in the way cause he put the finger at me and he nearly got me suspended cause he said l beated him up but know l haven't even beated him up
and you don't scare me

Pats cuz:like i said before sophie, SHUT THE **** UP!!! ... Well you should be scared zac, i'll smash you cunt, !

Me: oh no! lm real scared your lucky l don't know you and your a girl this all started because me and Sophie said what we think and what most people think about Patrick

(Pats cuz): get over ya self sophie. **** off, and just cuz i'm a girl, doesn't mean i wont kick a guys head in for fuckin wif me cousin!

Me: my friends will back me up and get it right its what l think of patrick it may not be the same as your but get over it

And that’s all my life is fun 

the second last part which is in (Pats cuz) l should have said pat to week he has a cry over the most simpilest thing he wont live long in the world some day some one will beat him up and it better be me you might wont to take he's bake cause he wont last that long in a fight with me

l hate him so much that l hate he's hole family he's mum dresses like a ho hes cuz is mean to me cuz of what l think and yeah comment please
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abit of my life on face book one word starts a fight?
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