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 DSiGold Rules!

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DSiGold Rules! Empty
PostSubject: DSiGold Rules!   DSiGold Rules! I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 29, 2010 10:57 pm

Welcome to DSiGold. The site based of the wonderful site DSiRage. I hope you all have fun here but there are always rules.

NO SPAMMING-You cannot type the samething over and over. Also doing many smiley faces is considered spamming, but I will let the mods decide.

NO SWEARING-Swearing or sexual talk is all prohibitated in the chatbox and the forum.

NO VIOLENT TALK-This means you cannot say things like "stabbing you" also a threat goes under this.

NO RACISM-You cant be mean because of there race.

NO HACKING-Hacking is prohibited 24/7, and results in perma ip ban.

NO DATING-All dating must me taken to the PM system. 2 warnings then a ban 24 hour ban

NO MORE THEN 1 ACCOUNT-Only one account is excepted unless you cant log in and need to tell me you cant. If you have two accounts your 2nd account will be deleted within 24 hours

All of these result in 24 hour bans except hacking which is longer. If you break these rules severly the ban may be longer.

*note: If your a mod/gold cop/admin, 3 power suspensions results in a demote. I will pm you what you did wrong

*You always have 2 warnings then will be banned. Hacking results in 0 warnings

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DSiGold Rules!
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